Bottle cap mould Maker

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Bottle cap mould

Bottle cap mould

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The caps are counted out to one out of forty-eight.
2. The template is made of high-quality steel.
3. Standard mold parts.
4. Uniquely designed nozzle.
5. The high-performance hot runner system ensures the uniform distribution of fluid and air pressure in each cavity.
6. All important parts are produced by CNC equipment.
  • The standard mold parts have unique design nozzles and ensure that the high pressure is correctly distributed in each mold cavity. All important parts are produced by CNC equipment to make sure of the good quality.
    The template is made of high-quality steel. Standard mold parts. Uniquely designed nozzle. The high-performance hot runner system ensures the uniform distribution of fluid and air pressure in each cavity. All important parts are produced by CNC equipment."
    The two-piece mold is made of high-quality steel and has been tested to ensure the precision of each part. The unique design nozzle enables better fluid distribution, resulting in uniform heating and cooling of each cap. The hot runner system ensures even pressure distribution to prevent stress on the mold surface. All important parts are produced using CNC equipment.
    Designed with the user in mind, our Bottle Cap Mould is one of a kind. It is the first of its kind to incorporate an automatic (or semi-automatic) release system, which makes getting your bottles ready for sale quick and easy. And because we’re so confident that you’ll love it, we offer a One-Year Warranty on all parts and labor.

Taizhou Huangyan Xuejun Mould Factory

More than 15 years of experience in mould manufacturing

Huangyan City is located in the middle of the golden coastline of Zhejiang Province. Its mould industry has more than 60 years, and the total production accounts for about 1/10 of the whole country. It is famous as “Mould Town” in China. Taizhou Huangyan Xuejun Mould corporation is located in the Beicheng Industry Zone in Huangyan, surrounded by high-speed rail, highway, airport, port and other facilities, forming a reasonable layout and convenient and fast transportation system.
Huangyan Xuejun Moulding factory is behind of Huangyan, China Mould Expo City, which is the Provincial High-tech Special Industry, the National Torch Program plastic mould base, as well as the first global mould processing equipment and raw material one-stop purchasing center with complete peripheral supporting industry and obvious location advantage. Custom Bottle cap mould Maker
Xuejun Mould Factory was founded in 2004s, it is specialized in PET preform moulds, bottle moulds, PET moulds, bottle cap moulds, and various other packaging moulds. Our company has more than 15 years of mould manufacturing experience. During this period, Xuejun’s mould products have been developing to be more precise, more complex and more economical. The technique continues improving and the production lead time continues shorten. Mould production forwards information, refinement and automation in order to adapt the increasing production capacity.
At present, our factory has a series of international advanced mould processing center equipment, such as Mazak, KaFo, Kent, YCM and so on. Compared with domestic equipment, we have the advantages of high precision, high automation production and stable and reliable processing quality.We are Bottle cap mould Suppliers in China.
The most important asset of an enterprise is talent. Xuejun pays great attention to build a talent team. During the processing of company’s development, we have gathered a group of talents with technical experience and advanced concepts, who can meet customer’s needs and provide professional advice. At the same time, Xuejun's strong technical and design teams provide better professional consulting and services.
At present, Xuejun has strategic cooperation customers from more than 30 countries and regions in the world. Our exquisite design, outstanding product quality and professional after-sales service are well received by customers. For more than ten years, we have been developing in the direction of technology integration, equipment precision, product branding, management information, and operation internationalization. “Xuejuners” always adhere to the development philosophy of “Customer First, Keep Improving” and focus on every detail in product manufacturing so that we can create more value for our customers. And we will continue to provide customers with professional mould technology solutions focusing on the market and customer needs in the future. Xuejun is a reliable mould manufacturer for your choice.

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